This year, Maison Henri Abelé celebrate its 260th anniversary. On this occasion, it introduces you a limited edition of its Cuvée Brut 2009 vintage !

To celebrate its 260th anniversary with style, Maison Henri Abelé is proud to release a limited edition of its glorious 2009 vintage, dressed up in a rococo livery. The Maison took inspiration from the famous rococo style, an artistic movement that flourished in France in the 18th century, almost simultaneously to its very own foundation. Henri Abelé praises this French art de vivre by picking up the patterns of the rich and luxurious rococo iconic style in its bottle design, combined to subtle inserts of the Maison’s symbols and emblems.

2009 Vintage

With blessed conditions for both the maturity process and the harvest, a perfectly healthy crop was brought in. This great vintage is marked by a beautiful balance between richness and acidity.


Henri Abelé in Eric kayser flagship outlet in Raffles Singapore

Our cuvée Henri Abelé brut non vintage is now in the beautiful Maison Eric Kayser at the Raffles Singapore.

September 2016


Known Tyson Stelzer, wine communicator of the year in Australia has organized a champagne tasting during which Henri Abelé Brut has been ranked among the top 20 ! This is the result that came from the deliberation of 10 judges.

June 2016

Sourire de Reims Brut 2007 tasted by Andreas Larsson

 Andreas Larsson "best sommelier of the world in 2007" gave 91/100 to Sourire Reims Brut 2007 during the Blind Tasted 2016 :

"Sparkling wine with a quite developed light to medium golden colour. Very vibrant mousse, but rather tiny fine bubbles. The nose is intense and generous. Quite vinous style here, there is some hints of lees ageing. So it gives a quite creamy impression. Some hints of croissant. Then on top of that there is quite ripe fruit here, in the direction of stone fruit, yellow fruits, some ripe citrus, butter. Quite bold on the palate. So a lush and ripe style here. Well-integrated bubbles giving a quite creamy mid-palate there. Well-integrated with an acidity level which is quite balanced. I mean in terms of freshness it is really well-integrated, but it still feels like a quite ripe tropical side, with a slightly milder acidity. Good integration on the bubbles. Plenty of fruit there. Mostly around those yellow stone fruits. In terms of assemblage, I am not quite sure, but I still have the impression of really ripe Chardonnay and perhaps with some darker Pinot-like fruit. Good length there, more it starts out on the quite lush and tropical side, but I get more of that sensation of minerality towards the finish. Which is long lasting and persistent, so a fine example indeed. In a quite personal style with plenty of fruit and richness."

April 2016

Maison Henri Abelé redigned its bottles pack

Willing to constantly connect tradition and modernity, Henri Abelé bottles are adorned with more elegant and refined packaging. A way for the Maison to recall the values that animate it since 1757.


Video of Maison Henri Abele


"La vie en rose" de Monsieur Bulles

Who is "Monsieur Bulles" ?

Monsieur Bulles is one person and several ones at the same time, a teacher, an author and also a columnist on radio and television in Montréal. Hiding behind his nickname, Guénaël Revel is the author of the “Guide Revel des champagnes et des autres Bulles”, the only book about sparkling wines product all over the world written entirely in French.  

November 2015

Wine and food pairing with a champagne Henri Abele Blanc de Blancs by Arnaud Lallement

November 2015

Wine and food pairing with a champagne Henri Abelé Sourire de Reims Rosé 2003 by Arnaud Lallement

November 2015

Wine and food pairing with a champagne Henri Abele Brut Vintage 2007 by Arnaud Lallement

November 2015

Launch of the guide Lapeyrie 2016 with our Champagne Henri Abelé

The 17th of November, in the center Quebecor of Sherbrooke, took place the launch of the 5th Edition of the guide Lapeyrie 2016. This famous wine guide is written by the eponym Philippe Lapeyrie, a wine writers and sommelier in Quebec.

On this occasion, 550 participants were invited to taste twenty wines, especially our champagne Brut non vintage Henri Abelé. This day ended with a toast delivered by Philippe Lapeyrie himself"Nothing better than the Champagne Henri Abelé to celebrate #Lapeyrie2016 ".


Wine Spectator awards 91/100 to the Champagne Brut of Henri Abelé.

This prestigious ranking admits that the Champagne Brut of Henri Abelé is an “outstanding wine with a superior character and style”.

Tasting Note by Alison Napjus:“Lightly floral on the nose, featuring hints of ripe plum, toast, crunchy white peach and lemon pith, with a zesty, minerally underpinning on the palate. A well-meshed version, offering a firm, clean-cut finish”.


Our Champagnes presents at Bordeaux Tasting the 12th & the 13h December

For the first time, the Champagnes Henri Abelé will be present the 12th and 13th december, at the fourth edition of "Bordeaux Tasting". It's a major event in the region for the wine and Champagne lovers. Approximately 7000 people are expected to attend this year, in Palais de la Bourse, at Bordeaux.

On this occasion, the House Henri Abelé, will propose tasting-sessions to the professional and non-professional public of 3 cuvées : the Brut non vintage, the blanc de blancs and the limited edition Brut 2007.

October 2015

The life of the vine

TWO months of waiting... for rain! After the flowering period in mid-June, Champagne was not expecting such a hot and dry summer. The tone was set in early July with scorching temperatures of nearly 40°C among the vines. This was followed by a period alternating between seasonable temperatures and intense heat. Contrary to all expectations, the vines did not suffer heavily from drought, as the rainy winter had filled up the limestone subsoil with water which the roots then drew up from deep underground. The leaves provided the grapes with effective protection against scalding, and ripeness had excellent momentum. Harvesting was expected to begin on around 10 September, in the hope of a few days of rain... However, we had to wait until 15 August and the passage of an atmospheric disturbance during the subsequent days for rain to finally arrive. This allowed the grapes to grow and ensured good final ripening. The sun returned on the 18th, together with a period of dry weather lasting until 27 August when the rains returned. We were therefore surprised by the ripeness checkings which hailed an imminent start to the harvest.

1 THOUSAND and eighty was the density of the first juices gathered on 1 September, translating as apotential degree of alcohol of 11.1% vol. Ripeness was optimum, acidity was maintained, grape health was perfect and the weather conditions were ideal – sunny during the day and cool at night. Even the oldest winemakers could not remember another year like this one when a hot, dry summer was followed by an early September harvest. The Chardonnay grapes were a wonderful golden hue and the Pinot was just gaining its final colour. Picking progressed quickly, facilitated by the pleasant weather and the dry soils. Tasting of the musts confirmed the impressions gained from a visual assessment: the fruit was very present and extremely complex, offering a wonderfully fresh finish without too much acidity. The first Pinot Noir and Meunier juices displayed similar results. Comments which come to mind are the richness of the aromas and the purity of the fruit.

FIFTEEN days of picking in the sunshine unfolded before the rains came to upset theparticularly sunny final week of harvesting. This did not impact upon the grapes, with the greatest hardship falling on the pickers who had to endure the cold, rain and limestone soils clinging to their boots. Ripening continued and the balance between alcohol and acidity was maintained. With the final juices gathered, the assessment is more than positive: we can see the prospects of a high-level vintage, reinforced by tastings of the first vats at the end of the alcoholic fermentation process. We are now entering a long period of vinification and will know in March whether this is an excellent, exceptional, extraordinary, outstanding year... Whatever the outcome, it is already a memorable one!

Franck NICAISE, Cellar Master

September 2015

Sourire de Reims Brut Rosé 2003 tasted by Andreas Larsson

Interesting blind tasting of champagne Sourire de Reims Brut Rosé 2003 by Andreas Larsson :

"Quite deep and intense color here for being a rosé, however, it seems it has slightly rusted on the rim with a copper, golden tinge. So I suppose it has some age, also indicated from the bubbles that are quite integrated and fine. Very interesting nose, definitely complex, it is showing some age here, some maturity. I think aromatically this is more reminiscent of a red Burgundy than a Champagne. It is a lovely nose, finely spiced with some hints of ginger, raspberries, red cherry. It really keeps opening up and it displays a lot of those quite complex aromas. A certain maturity to it for sure, and a clear presence of Pinot Noir for sure. The palate is quite ample, and once again I would talk about a clear notion of Pinot; there is a phenolic presence, slight hint of tannin, but I think that the bitterness has gotten some evolution and development now. It is nicely integrated, but still a quite assertive, a broad shoulder in terms of Champagne. The fruit feels very ripe, like ripe, really sweet red berries. On the mid-palate it is really a rounded and smooth texture with a creamy mousse and goes for a long while as well. Really rich in structure, an opulent Champagne, for those who love Pinot Noir, big and bold Champagnes. I think for all lovers of Pinot Noir, this should be a really interesting drink."

Link to the video


Henri Abelé Champagnes and the Canadian Embassy join to wish you a “Happy Canadian Day” !

Next July 1st, on the occasion of the National Canadian Day, Ambassador Lawrence Cannon will organize a reception in the gardens of his residence. For this “special” occasion, Maison Henri Abelé will be honored to display its Champagnes ! Synonyms of finesse and elegance, different cuvees from the range will sparkle this day and will be the best way to gather our Canadian friends from France...


A limited edition from Henri Abelé: the Brut Millésimé 2007, like a star among the paparazzi.

At Vinexpo trade show held in Bordeaux last week, the new cuvée from Henri Abelé certainly enjoyed a media spotlight! French Minister for Agriculture, Stéphane Le Foll has discovered our new Limited Edition decorated with its Toile de Jouy fabric, and even tasted a glass of it!


Maison Henri Abelé presents its limited edition to showcase its new Brut 2007 cuvée!

The vintage has been decorated with a contemporary style Toile de Jouy motif.  The modern and joyous blue prints on a white background illustrate the theme of the French art of living.  With this limited edition, available this summer, Maison Henri Abelé elegantly reconciles tradition and creativity.  The launch of this cuvée pays homage to 2007, a symbolic year for the Maison since it celebrates our 250th anniversary, the arrival of Franck Nicaise as cellar manager and investment in a new vat room.



Henri Abelé will be attending Vinexpo from June 14th to 18th, 2015. During this major event, gathering the main actors of the wine & spirits sector, you will be able to taste our whole range of Champagne. You will also discover our new Limited Edition : the Brut Vintage 2007 ! For more information, meet us at Bordeaux Exhibition Centre, at Yvon Mau’s booth - Hall 1 • BD 210.


Henri Abelé has the place of honor at Fauchon

The Champagne house Henri Abelé partners with the emblematic house of the place Madeleine in Paris, Fauchon, to showcase two of its flagship cuvees: Henri Abelé Brut and Blanc de Blancs.

The house Fauchon was created in 1886 by Auguste Fauchon and became a real Parisian reference over time. Its expertise extends from delicatessen to teas through patisserie, chocolates, wines and champagnes.

These two houses share a common passion for excellence and want to mix tradition with modernity. Visible since April 1st,2015 at Fauchon, 30 place de la Madeleine in Paris, this collaboration is the opportunity for the house Henri Abelé to affirm its new positioning « Crafting a the new French lifestyle » in perfect consistency with the modern image of Fauchon.

December 2014

Limited edition for the end of 2014: A prestige gift reflecting the purity and delicacy of Henri Abelé

Champagne House Henri Abelé and master glassmaker Olivier Juteau pooled their skills, talent and passion to come up with a limited-edition gift pack showcasing the new prestige cuvee, Sourire de Reims Brut 2007. The result is a stunning tribute to the craftsmanship of these two virtuosos.

As a unique decorative item, this pack comprises a bottle of Sourire de Reims Brut 2007, set in a blown-glass dome bearing the initials of the Maison Henri Abelé.

Nothing less would have done for this new vintage of this prestige cuvée, the jewel in Abelé’s crown. A champagne boasting great finesse which will delight those who love complex wines with a perfectly complementary combination of the elegant Chardonnay and the powerful Pinot Noir.

This subtle, harmonious, refined gift is a highly original concept in the champagne world, combining expertise, aesthetic appeal and distinction, just like the Maison Abelé. It was featured in the November issue of magazine Marie-France, with a full page devoted to this original limited edition.

On sale, priced at €130 excluding VAT, on the site

November 2014

Le Henri IV: a great restaurant to try out in Reims

The new owners of this establishment offer extremely charming cuisine with a revisiting of traditional dishes and high-quality products. If you’re in Reims, give it a try and enjoy a glass of Henri Abelé while you’re there.

Le Henri IV, 29 rue Henri IV, 51 100 Reims. 03 26 47 56 22

October 2014

A word from our cellar master on the 2014 harvests

Freshness at the forefront

After a particularly mild winter and a damp spring, the fine weather returned in mid-June for the flowering period. The conditions were ideal for flowering in all areas, and in record time (3 to 4 days in certain cases). We therefore predicted that harvesting would start around 1st September. However, the summer was very rainy and quite chilly, dampening spirits somewhat, although the grape-ripening momentum was sustained despite the lack of sunshine. The low temperatures (down to 6 °C in the morning) helped keep the grapes in perfect health and the leaves very green. By the end of August we were wondering whether we were likely to start harvesting before… October. But as Mother Nature does sometimes get things right, the weather changed dramatically in early September and the sunshine accelerated the end of the ripening process.

The first grapes were harvested on the 8th and most of the terroirs began on the 10th. The cool nights kept the pests at bay and the grapes quality. The end of the harvesting period on the 20th came just in time, as the weather was turning unsettled again with storms on the horizon.

The first tastings showed the wines to be elegant, fine and fruity, with a pleasing freshness.

December 2013

Henri Abelé is honored in main champagne reports this end of year!

Before the end of year celebrations, newspapers usually publish champagne reports in order to guide you in your wine-sparkling choices.

This year, Henri Abelé received high attention and praises from lots of journalists: not only from specialized press but also from public one. Moreover, journalists have given high marks to Henri Abelé Champagne during tasting periods.

You will find several publications about the brand and several flattering articles in Figaro Magazine or Revue de Vin de France:

November 2013

The new Henri Abelé tasting box with its prestige cuvee Sourire de Reims will make your end-of-year celebrations even more enjoyable !

The Champagne House Henri Abelé offers you an end-of-year tasting box with its outstanding cuvee Sourire de Reims in order to make even tastier your sweet and refined tasting moments. As champagne toast is always better and thus more enjoyable when shared, you will find in this box 6 appetizers designed with Henri Abelé initials. This limited edition is the ideal gift for your end-of-year celebrations. Both food and wine lovers will be consequently delighted.

You will find this exclusive and original tasting box at our collaborator wine merchants’ shops as well as on the following website:

Have a look, French newspapers and magazines already mention this new tasting box:

October 2013

Henri Abelé harvests, a three-step waltz

Champagne people had to cope with a cold, wet and long winter in 2013, making thus work in vineyards very painful and exhausting. As weather forecasts announced that this rainy winter had 70% of chances to go on, harvest season was expected quite lately.

Finally summer has come from mid-July: sun has indeed been set up for a relatively long period in the Champagne region, despite some locally violent storms. Days were consequently very hot fostering grapes' maturity.

As a result, Septembre was characterized by hot and sunny days coupled with fresh and wet nights. Thanks to this ideal climate, Abelé's vineyard has positively and actively matured. Champagne people patiently wait for the evolution of this harvest's winemaking.

June 2013

Henri Abelé, partner of Moulins de Chars!

From 9 to 12 June, Henri Abelé joins les Moulins de Chars to make animations under the theme of gastronomy.

For cooking demonstrations; Stéphane Glacier, MOF pastry cook 2000, Eric Bernier, chocolate maker, and Michael Morieux, MOF in 2011; will be on the site les Moulins de Chars (7 rue Dory, 95 750 Chars) during the four days of the event.

February 2013

On the occasion of Valentine's Day, Henri Abelé launches for its prestige cuvee "Smile of Reims" a delightful tasting box!

To share a moment of privileged gastronomy, Henri Abelé offers his box "Smile of Reims" composed by this exceptional cuvee (White or Rosé) as well as two original and modern flutes by Philippe Jamesse, sommelier at the restaurant Crayères Reims.

December 2012

For the end-of-year celebrations, greed gives wings to the House Henri Abelé!

To assist you during this friendly and festive period, the bottle of "Smile of Reims Brut 2003" is adorned with angel wings in sugar.

This limited edition combines the refinement and the elegance of the exceptional cuvee to the delicate delights of the Patissier-Confectioner Nicolas Bernadé, elected Meilleur Ouvrier de France in 2004 and the Best Chef in 2005. Thus, asking for the talent of Nicolas Bernadé, the House Henri Abelé made a gourmand wink to its emblem "Angel in smile ", the famous medieval sculpture of the Cathedral of Reims.

The limited edition end-of-year 2012 celebrations of the cuvee "Smile of Reims Brut 2003" is exclusively available by ordering in the shop Nicolas Bernardé.

June 2012

House Henri Abelé, sponsor of the exhibition « With the smile » at the Palace of Tau in Reims.

From 26 June to 31 December 2012, the Champagne House Henri Abelé supports an amazing exhibition "With the smile", produced by the Center of National Monuments.

The Smiling Angel, this medieval statue of the Cathedrale of Reims, is now the subject of an exhibition at the Palace of Tau. The title is in line with the show since it meets, not far from the Cathedral treasures of the Kings of France, near to 1000 objects in a poetic and bold staging exploring the history of a myth. A myth closely related to Champagnes Abelé because it is the emblematic symbol of the house.

Indeed, Henri Abelé has always been a known sponsor, and one of its priorities was to safeguard the heritage of Reims. Thus, after the first World War, he founded the Society of Friends of the Cathedrale participate to the restoration of one of the most beautiful sculptures of this monument, damaged in a fire. In 1986, the House even decided to create, in hommage to this symbol of the French soul, a prestigious cuvée which will be naturally called "Smile of Reims". The angel became the emblem of the House Henri Abelé, and is now present on each bottle.

April 2012

Henri Abelé makes the exhibition « Cuisine en Joute » Fizz !

The First and second of April, the prestigious champagne Henry Abelé was the partner of the exhibition "Cuisine en Joute". The event "Cuisine en joute" is organized by “Générations Cuisine” and cultures which is lead by talented chefs, (holding French Michelin Stars) and MOF (best french gastronomic worker). Taste workshop, tastings and cooking demonstrations by Michelin Starred chefs have marked this day under the sign of gluttony!

This year the exhibiton "Cuisine en Joute" has the honor to welcome the participants of Masterchef and Top Chef and Michelin starred chef Cyril Lignac, Jury member. Other Famous names in gastronomy were also present: Johan Leclerre best french worker (“La suite” in Rochelle), Philippe Mille, also best french worker and chef of two Michelin stars, The Crayères in Reims and Sebastian Bontour, inventive and audacious chef of the “Es Saadi Palace” in Marrakech.

These famous names in gastronomy went on the stand Abelé to taste the champagne from the house. Participants in the auction sale organized by the association “Generations Cuisine and Cultures” have had the pleasure to find the 'Cuvée Rosé Smile of Reims "by Henri Abelé numbered limited edition in the offered prizes.

January 2012

At Valentine’s day, seduce your lover by an elegant, sparkling and delicious moment!

Adorned with delicate macaroons, cooked by the pastry chef from Reims Eric Sontag, the champagne prestigious cuvee Sourire de Reims Rosé 2002 is chic and glamorous for the love celebration.

November 2011

New vintages for Henri Abelé!

In November 2011, Maison Henri Abelé launched two new vintages. Discover now the vintage Sourire de Reims 2002 and Soirées Parisiennes 2004!

September 2011

The new cuvée elaborated by Franck Nicaise !

During the lunch at the Plaza Athénée, Maison Henri Abelé presented to the press it’s new brut cuvee, the first fully developed by Franck Nicaise, the new cellar master of the House. This wine is from the new winery, which allows specific wine process with container barrels much smaller than the previous ones.

July 2011

Maison Henri Abelé celebrates summer with 3 sophisticated desserts

Henri Abelé partners with a famous name in gastronomy, Eric Sontag, former pastry chef of the Crayères Michelin Star restaurant. From this alliance were born 3 gastronomic gourmet creations that will delight your taste buds!

June 2011

The range Abelé is adorned with a new look

During Vinexpo 2011, the Abelé House presented a preview of the new dressing range. Definitively modern and refine, these new labels mark the refresh of the house and of it’s communication strategy. The result is a real upmarket for this unity which gain relevancy, elegance, and in impact.

May 2011

2011 celebrates the 800th Cathedral of Reims’s anniversary

Maison Henri Abelé has always been strongly linked to the heritage of Reims and Reims Cathedral is one of the sponsors of this historic event. To celebrate this anniversary, the house has launched a limited edition of Sourire de Reims Rosé: only 800 special anniversary bottles have been developed for the occasion.

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