Supporting the local heritage

The “Sourire de Reims” or “Ange au Sourire” is the statue representing a smiling angel that you can admire in the beautiful Reims Cathedral.

This cathedral is highly symbolic because French kings were crowned there in sumptuous ceremonies. The concern for preserving local listed monuments by Henri Abelé dates from before First World War, when Maison Abelé contributed to restoration funding of «L’Ange au Sourire» that had been decapitated during a fire in 1914.

This sculpture came to symbolise the city of Reims and its renaissance.

This world-famous icon also became the Champagne firm’s emblem in 1918 and the name of one of its premium cuvée. Maison Abelé’s dedication to Reims patrimony continued after Second World War. Maison Abelé contributed funding to renovate the Reims cathedral which had unfortunately been bombed, through the “Société des Amis de la Cathédrale” foundation.

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