Sourire de Reims Rosé

Vintage 2006

An audacious champagne crafted with the fruit of a single grape variety from a single terroir, with a precisely calibrated vinification process. This exceptional rosé champagnes undergoes a short maceration (36 to 48 hours), which helps to shape its unique style. Sourire de Reims Rosé is matured for up to ten years in our cellars, then disgorged and left to rest again for between 6 and 12 months.

Grape varieties

100% Pinot Noir des Riceys

Tasting notes

Beautiful salmon-pink colour.
Very fine bubbles.

This vintage is first marked by rich scents of ripe berries (blackcurrant, redcurrant). After further breathing in the glass, aromas of spice come around, such as mint and clove, combined with floral hints of orange blossom and violet.

Straightforward on the palate with plenty of class. The Pinot Noir comes through beautifully with remarkable vinosity. The complex, long aftertaste rounds out the balance of this outstanding cuvée. This Champagne is a rare pleasure for special moments.


Only in 75cl. bottles.


A word from the cellar master, who agreed to compare his work with that of a craftsman.
“Sourire de Reims Rosé is the result of a highly demanding process, from the selection of grapes grown exclusively on the Coteaux des Riceys to the maceration of full bunches, bringing uniqueness to the cuvée. Like a master glassblower who controls the temperature as he fashions his crystal, the vinification of Sourire Rosé requires great precision and experience. Each vintage is a new cuvée to be crafted, in the same way that each glass is a unique piece by the master glassblower. The magical gleam and tinkle of crystal can be compared to the powerful, singular aromas of this outstanding cuvée.”

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