Brut vintage

Vintage 2006

This cuvée, made exclusively in exceptional years, is aged patiently in our pleasantly cool centuries-old cellars. Once matured, we give it another year of rest after disgorging.
It will delight connoisseurs and people who love wines offering complexity.

Grape varieties

70% Chardonnay
30% Pinot Noir

Tasting notes

A lovely pale yellow colour. Remarkably fine bubbles and a great long-lasting foam.

Power and complexity both feature strongly in this cuvée’s bouquet, which starts off with notes of citrus and orange blossom, before being joined by aromas of lime tree, verbena and gingerbread.

Frank and straightforward in the attack, with aromas of roasted coffee, liquorice and flint. Beautifully vinous and offers spicy notes, making this vintage Champagne most subtle and elegant.


Only in 75 cl. bottles.


A word from the cellar master, who agreed to compare his work with that of a craftsman.
“Creating a vintage cuvée is a bit like black-and-white photography. It reminds you of the weather conditions and the harvests produced in a very special year – it is a slice of history preserved in a bottle. The vintage earns its place in the House album and the blend is a snapshot of the year’s profile. The picture must be clear, precise and beautifully contrasted. It bears testimony to harvests that are always different from one year to the next.” Franck Nicaise

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